Body Slim Down Garcinia Price 4.95 AUD

Body Slim Down Garcinia price may vary from region to region and country to country depending on various factors. Some of the parameters that should be taken into consideration for this price change are demand, taxes levied in each place, shipping costs, etc.

Prices may also vary depending on the special promotions and discounts on offer at the time of purchase. However, in this particular article, we will be discussing about the price of Body Slim Down Garcinia in Australia, its 30 day risk free trial and its price after the promotion ends. Apart from that here you may also find out information on how to cancel the subscription and how to avail the product without having to place order every month, etc.

Body Slim Down Garcinia Price

Risk Free Trail

Manufacturers of Body Slim Down Garcinia price  are offering a free trail of the product as a part of their product promotion which includes a supply of 60 capsules for a period of 30 days. This offer is aimed at consumers who are willing to try their product but are unsure of its effects. By opting for the **free trail, one may get to know the advantages and disadvantages associated with the product and then make their own choice.

However, one should note that like all other free trails, this free trail also comes with a trail period schedule. One has to use this product and cancel it (if not satisfied with the results) before the trail period, which is 14 days from the date of ordering. Consumers who do not cancel the product before the due date are considered to be satisfied with the product and are automatically enrolled into a monthly subscription and are also charged for the trail product as well.

**It should be noted that though the  Body Slim Down Garcinia  price in Australia for trail pack is forfeited for new customers, they still need to pay 4.95 AUD towards the product’s shipping charges.

Shipping Costs On Normal Orders Of Body Slim Down Garcinia Price

Irrespective of the package ordered, Body Slim Down Garcinia is shipped free to most countries. For more accurate and updated information, buyers may want to check the manufacturer’s website before ordering.

Body Slim Down Garcinia Price After Expiration Of The Promotional Period

Consumers, who are satisfied with the product, need to do nothing else. Upon the expiration of the trial period, users will be billed $130.49 AUD for the full cost of the product. Thirty days after the trial period ends and every thirty days thereafter, manufacturer will send you a fresh monthly supply at the low price of $130.49 AUD until membership is cancelled. There’s no obligation and one may cancel their membership at any time they wish. The trial period begins from the day of ordering the product.

Cancelling The Subscription For Body Slim Down Garcinia

Consumers who are not satisfied with the product can cancel their membership by calling the manufacturer at ++61 2 9052 0885 within the 14 day trial (6 day shipping) starting from the day of ordering.